Feed Silos​​​​​​​

Technical Detail File


Ağaçlı feed silos are conical based silos and have an economical and installation and maintenance friendly design for use in facilities such as farms and feed mills. The diameters of these silos vary from 1.83 m to 4.57 m while silo capacities range from 4.10 m3 to 163.34 m3 as per the requirement.


In Ağaçlı Silo, we offer body and roof sheets with 600 gr/m2 galvanized coating for excellent resistance whereas the market norm for feed silos is 450 g/m2. This coating rate provides a better protection against potential damages from crops to be stored and endures for years with its maximum resistance against corrosion risks.


Class 10.9, Geoment 500 A PLUS bolts and fasteners are used as Standard in our silos. Geoment is a coating type which is derived from mixture of zinc and aluminum and provides maximum resistance against corrosion. It is environmentally friendly and healthy as it does not contain chrome and heavy metals. Class 10.9 represents the tensile strength of steel of which bolts are made. Bolts in this class that have a high modulus of elasticity and rupture are much more resistant than the others. In the silo design, tops of the bolts used in lower conical structure have a round form, which prevents crop accumulation and wear in the inner part.


There is a special hatch at lower conical sections for ease in cleaning and access in cases required. Besides, a special transparent window was designed for a smooth crop inspection and level check.


Because the wall plate is one ring longer than its fixing point with the conical based section, the system called Anti-Drip ring functions like a skirt and protects connection points from precipitation, thus the crops are protected from moisture.


Bottom outlet (pouring) chamber of conical base for unloading silos causes serious breaking problems for customers due to selection of plastic materials by other firms. In order to prevent this problem, this chamber is made of durable galvanized steel in Ağaçlı Feed Silos and then offered to customers.


Steel construction of feed silos has a special design for excellence in endurance. Deck ladder safety cage and embossed stair treads provide a superior nonskid surface. Roof ladder railing is positioned in the safest and most ergonomic way to reach the top where the silo hatch is located. It provides a safe holding in all climates and easy to grip with no harm on body. In this respect, it is manufactured in compliance with HSE rules.


Transport lugs are placed at suitable positions for an easy replacement of silos after installation. They can be lifted by crane and replaced without any trouble.


Optional Features


An armed opening mechanism is used to easily control the hatch cover without climbing to silo roof top. It has a mechanism which is fixable at required positions.


With a special-design door system at the bottom outlet (pouring) chamber of conical base for silo unloading, a more efficient flow and pouring force under your control is optionally offered in line with your preference.


It is easier to carry unloading to an exact point by using the feed transfer distribution chamber. This feature, which you can select as per your requirement, can be adapted with single or double outlets and with unidirectional or bidirectional flows. In this way, unloading and distribution can be done using easier and more flexible solutions.

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