Bucket Elevators

  In order to provide appropriate solutions to customer needs for bucket elevators, AĞAÇLI offers products between capacities of 40 m3/h (30 tons/h) and 1650 m3/h (1270 tons/h) in commercial and industrial structures.


* Bolted connection in body structure facilitates installation and maintenance.

* Use of engineering plastics in elevator buckets enables a smooth and long-lasting use due to its resistance to wear, heat and corrosion.

* Centrifugal discharge efficiency is increased by making bucket selection according to crop type and conveyance capacity.

* UHMW PE used in areas with grain flow helps to increase wear resistance and can be replaced when necessary.  

* Heavy-duty roller bearings on drive heads and shafts hardened in stages helps to extend lifespan of moving parts.

* Removable drum, shaft connection and removable rubber coating on the drum provide ease in installation and maintenance.

* Latch covers for inspection provide ease in monitoring, maintenance and repair in cases necessary.


* 300 g/m2 galvanized body plates

* Inspection hatches for installation, maintenance and repair of buckets.

* Dust discharge and cleaning hatches on the bottom head

* Windows positioned at grain inlets and outlets for monitoring bucket level

* Dust discharge valve and pressure relief valve in the drive head

* Changeable UHMW PE coating where grain flows

* Tensile ruler to adjust the belt on both sides of the bottom head

* Drum speed sensor and belt sliding sensor

* Protection Class IP 55 high-performance electric motors

* High-density polyethylene plastic buckets


*Extra inspection hatches and level inspection windows

*Motor and reducer heat sensors

*Dust discharge hatch sensor

*Anti-static elevator belts

*Mid-section dust discharge funnel

*Fill sensors to stop operation in case of blockage in elevator flow

*Plastic, urethane and steel bucket options for various crop types

*Full UHMW PE coating or HARDOX use on the bottom head and drive head

*Use of equipment and fittings in accordance with ATEX 94/9 regulation, Zone Class 20,21, 22

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