• Agacli Group of companies was founded in 1964 as a small fuel station company.  With endless and genuine investments within Turkey in the last 50 years which consists of tourism, industrial, logistics and service sectors; Agacli has become a leader and pioneer establishment.
  • Agacli Group of Companies has created a strong brand image in Turkey with more than half a century of work experience where customer service as a priority.
  • Having been active in the industry since 1995, Agacli is now successfully demonstrating its years of high engineering experience on grain storage and handling systems.
  • Agacli Silo headquartered in Aksaray, has integrated high-tech machine tracks in every stage of its production.
  • Agacli manufactures in it’s 100,000 m2 factory with its quick, well-equipped, experienced and expert staff.
  • Our factory has an annual capacity of 35,000 tons of high strength steel.
  • Our industrial production facility that has been put into service in 2016 receives effective quality assurance audit support from the expert team that consists of 100 employees aside from Agacli’s additional 1,000 employees.

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