Our Quality Certificates

As Ağaçlı Silo Quality Assurance unit, by supporting development of our company and its employees as well as our suppliers, we have been constantly conserving and improving our quality assurance commitments to customers by implementation and auditing of all effective clauses within ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 system management certifications both internally and on the part suppliers.



We operate in line with the constant improvement and development principles required by the standards, the customers and our company. We also conduct all the necessary controls in order to fulfill green production conditions and prevent possible damages to producers and users relying on the system management certificates.

Our company’s inputs of all raw materials, auxiliaries and equipment with direct or indirect effect on our production (products) are instantly checked by our input quality assurance department. In this way, we ensure a smooth operation and an uninterrupted production for both our factory and our suppliers as well as an enhancement of delivery phases in line with customer deadlines. In this respect, we get to speak the same language with the customers and suppliers as stated in the standards, which is finally a great contribution to customer satisfaction by Ağaçlı Silo Quality Assurance Department.



During the production, we keep constant control over the intermediary processes, top checklists are reviewed by all operators and responsible staff authorized in production, thus we work in line with the idea expressed in the slogan “Quality cannot be controlled but created.” All our products and their details are instantly subjected to visual, dimensional and functional checks so as to proceed with precautionary action and to avoid reparative solutions. At the same time, we implement and verify destructive and non-destructive testing methods as per IEC 17025 Laboratory Standards for our material analyses. We care about customer satisfaction and have been constantly improving ourselves in the light of their feedback.

Also, we implement continuous quality improvement by annual measurements of all the parts we produce periodically in our measurement room, results of which are compared to initial sample dimensions and then informed to relevant units. The statistical process controls enable us to constantly revise our process (Cp / Cpk) and machinery related capabilities.

All the measurement tools such as gauges and control tools we use in production are verified in our laboratories designed in compliance with IEC 17025 Calibration Standard and reconfirmed by our specialists before basic calibration dates. Regular controls of measurement tools enable us to check capacity of our tools in terms of measuring skill assessment (MSA). We have been carrying out all works required to retrieve accurate data.



For achieving our quality targets, all departments work in coordination and the data, mainly from internal processes (PDB-Prozess Daten Blätter) and constant improvement studies (CIS), is measured and analyzed at certain intervals. Results of these analyses are used in improvement or development activities. According to the analyses completed, we come together in our review meetings and update our targets continually.

By executing the audits (Delivery product audit – VDA 6.5) on preparation of our final products which are ready for delivery in accordance with visual, dimensional and packaging instructions and on conduct of shipment and delivery to customers, the fine quality reached in our company is implemented under Total Quality Management approach to ensure delivery of our products to the erection site in the most suitable manner.



At erection site, it is proceeded in accordance with quality excellence module (EFQM) and all controls required at the start of, during and at the end of plant installation are audited using the worksite audit (VDA-6.1 and 6.3) with reference to special requirements of customers (contract, technical specifications, users’ manual, related technical documentation). By training our erection team during and after these audits, we provide a trouble-free and punctual installation within manufacturing schedules and execute all necessary improvements at instant contact with our customers.

Our Quality Assurance team monitors all conditions specified in the contracts with our customers and intervenes whenever needed in scope of after-sale services.

As the Quality Assurance Department, we always give priority to customer needs and expectations in our Constant Improvement studies.

As a department, our target finds its best saying in this statement extracted from total quality approach: “Total Quality is a way of life. It starts in your home. If you lack quality at home and if you lack it it in your life, it means nothing to what extent you have it at work.” (TQM)

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