A new assertive name in storage solutions: Ağaçlı Silo

A new assertive name in storage solutions: Ağaçlı Silo

Providing the quality standard that our customers expect, faultlessly and economically on the date promised is the responsibility of Ağaçlı Silo for its partners and is our customer satisfaction policy that it does not make concession to. Like the very first day we entered to the industry, we state that we are a company predicating on the points above and maintaining its operation by this way.”

Ağaçlı A.Ş., being among the largest companies in Turkey, provides services a wide range of areas from hotels and leisure facilities management to tourism transport; from fuel, food and retail distribution services to trailer and loader production. Having a long history of 50 years, the company is highly assertive with its new investment which has become operational recently.

Determining its new investment area as storage and conveying solutions, the company started it infrastructure studies in 2015. It also started to serve as Ağaçlı Silo in Aksaray Organized Industrial Zone in 2016. The company which has steel processing capacity of 35 thousand tons per annum in its 100 thousand square meters factory area managed to make a name on short notice despite being a brand new company.

Korhan Ağaçlı, CEO of Ağaçlı Silo, is the guest of technology platform of our magazine this month. SayingWe set off by considering that existing in the sector, being an alternative in the current markets and as Ağaçlı Silo, gathering our partners with more innovative solutions would be right thing to do”, Korhan Ağaçlı answered our questions about Ağaçlı Silo.


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